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Below are some comments/testimonials from our clients to help show we offer some of the best JDM auto repair services.

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    K. Scott

    Date: 4/30/2024

    City/State: Honolulu, Hawaii

    Product/Service: Auto Repair

    We drove in without any recommendation with an Xterra over heating issue. The receptionist, Marcell, was incredibly nice and made an appointment a lot sooner than we expected. We arrived early and was greeted by Adel who said they would examine the car and get back to us quickly. The problem was fixed within a few hours and the cost was VERY reasonable. This is a shop we will now return with our vehicles with total trust that they will do quality work.

    Thank you Sky Auto Repair for your customer care and quality work.


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    Richard C.

    Date: 3/22/2024

    City/State: Honolulu, Hawaii

    Product/Service: JDM Hawaii Car Club membership, Oil Change, Service

    This is going back all the way to May of last year. Bought a 97 Honda SMX from a private seller. Called to take a look at the SMX to see if everything is running okay and if there's any repairs that need to be done. Setup an appointment, took it in and found out from one of the mechanics that the car is in excellent running condition. Told me things that needed to be change especially the tires cause the tires pretty much bald.

    Fast forward to today, signed up with the JDM Hawaii Car Club membership and got a free oil change.

    Adele who was helping me gave a quote on getting new tires and changing the water pump and timing belt. The quote on the tires was really reasonable. Took the SMX in and got it changed. He told me to keep in mind to get the timing belt and water pump replaced. But he was mostly concern with the tire change for safety reasons.

    Most likely will bring my car back to for any essential services that the SMX need. Mahalo Guys for the great service!

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    Justine McClellan

    Date: 2/14/2024

    City/State: Honolulu, Hawaii

    Product/Service: Parts, Service, Repair

    I love my 1996 Suzuki Every Joy Pop Van!

    It hauls landscaping equipment. I love the gas mileage and the looks & stares it gets!And it's fun to go holo holo island cruisin' as well.

    I ordered parts from E-bay and was very careful to include our VIN #, year, make & model to ensure proper fit. However, when I brought our van to Sky Auto Repair for auto repair service, along with our E-bay parts, the parts didn't fit...it didn't even come close to being the right parts.

    Thankfully, Sky Auto Repair had all the parts I needed!

    Sky Auto Repair is a one-stop shop for all of my JDM auto repair service needs -- great vehicles, services & parts!

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