JDM Hawaii / Sky Auto Repair Featured On PBS HAWAII- Are Kei Trucks Just The Latest Auto Trend In Hawaii, Or Are They Here To Stay?

Slater Robinson, the man who helped kickstart the craze, weighs in.



A weekly audio podcast hosted by PBS Hawaiʻi President and CEO Ron Mizutani, What School You Went? explores the traditions and stories that make up the modern-day culture of Hawaiʻi.


JDM Hawaii is a premier Japanese antique car dealer located in Hawaii. They specialize in sourcing and selling a wide range of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) vehicles, including classic cars, sports cars, and unique imports.

JDM-Hawaii Website

Sky Auto Repair is an auto repair facility. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is serviced correctly while maintaining your manufacturer's warranty. We use quality replacement parts, have a staff of trained technicians, and modern equipment to repair car computer problems.

Sky Auto Repair Website


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