• Roadside Assistance Services
  • Auto Repair Service 349
    We can test your car's battery, and jump-start or replace it on the spot if needed.
  • Auto Repair Service 327
    Emergency fuel service
    If you run out of fuel, we'll bring you enough to reach the nearest gas station and fill up there.
  • Auto Repair Service 62
    Flat tire
    If your vehicle has a spare tire ready to go, we can replace a flat. Otherwise, we'll give you a tow.
  • Auto Repair Service 301
    If you get locked out of your car, a technician will assist with locksmith services.
  • Auto Repair Service 493
    Minor mechanical first aid
    If your vehicle breaks down, a technician may attempt minor repairs so you can get back on the road.
  • Towing
    We'll tow your vehicle to our/any repair shop, the nearest gas station, or another preferred location
  • www.skyautorepairs.com
    Premiere conventional and JDM (Japanese domestic market) auto repair service shop in Kaimuki Honolulu, Hawaii on island of Oahu

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